About Honorable Oak

Artist Lauren Dombrowiak has always loved working with her hands and she has been a handmade gift giver since the age of ten. Lauren also has an affinity for funky home decor, cooking and gardening and the tools used in each--even parts of her graduate thesis were focused on the history of home decor!

In 2015, after gifting her entire family cutting boards for the holidays, her grandmother was so impressed and loved hers so much, she exclaimed "you could really sell these!" All of the sudden Lauren knew what she had to do. Her love of working with her hands and home decor joined forces and Honorable Oak was born. 

The name Honorable Oak has a fun story behind it. It is a mash-up of the translations of Lauren's last name and her husband’s last name. Dombrowiak translates to "Standing Oak" from Polish, and Sharifi translates to "Honorable Person" from Farsi. Destiny brought these two together and alliteration helped them select the perfect name!!  

Honorable Oak's goal is to help fill your home with items as funky and cool as you are. Exotic and Domestic woods are Lauren's favorite material to work with because of how unique and vibrant the colors are. From the purples to the reds and yellows, Lauren loves to highlight each piece's charm and turn them into handcrafted, functional, everyday pieces.